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Management Team

Dave Johnson                                     Kim Long                                Cindy Wagner                          Chris Kaufmann

Vice President                                      Vice President                          Vice President                           Assistant Vice President

Area Manager Illinois                           Northern Cook                          South Cook & DuPage                 Lake and McHenry

Cell: (847) 436-6995                            Operations Manager                 Operations Manager                    Operations Manager

Email:          Cell: (847) 397-1300                Cell: (708) 704-1471                  Cell: (847) 845-1254

                                                          Email:        Email:  Email:


Ron Szymczyk                                Lisa Miles                                 Rodney Struebing                        Joseph Toolis

Assistant Vice President                    Vice President                             Vice President                                Assistant Vice President

Will, Kane, Grundy                           National Commercial Services       Sales Manager                               Title Production Manager

& Kendall Operations Manager           Manager

Cell: (312) 282-8324                        Office: (312) 621-5045                 Cell: (630-222-2527                        Office: (708) 873-5200

Email:         Email:   Email:  Email:


Andrew Grossi

Assistant Vice President

Chicago Loop

Cell: (312) 485-8420


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