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Attorney Agent Program

Fidelity National Title Insurance Company is committed to developing lasting relationships with all of our customers. As Attorney customers, you will enjoy the benefits of our Attorney Agent Program. Through this program, Fidelity allows you, the attorney, to determine the insurability of title. In return, Fidelity will provide you with expert advice and resources throughout the examination process.

How Fidelity's Attorney Agent Program works...

  • Place title orders with your local Fidelity office, or online within AGENT DESK, our web based Application and Examination Program.
  • Receive a search package from your Fidelity office.
  • Complete the examination process, prepare and return an examination worksheet.
  • Receive a completed commitment based on your examination, and a completed title invoice delivered according to your directions.
  • Schedule the closing at any one of Fidelity's many Chicago area offices, which can also be done using Online Scheduling, our web based Scheduling program.
For more information on how you can become a member of the Fidelity Attorney Agent Program, contact your local Fidelity account manager or visit on of our Chicagoland offices.
For additional assistance, please contact the FNT IT Department at
or 800-760-9441.
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